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Our Business

For years, we were chef instructors at Le Cordon Bleu until they shut their doors in 2017.  Passionate about food and where it comes from, we decided to turn our hobby of beekeeping into a business.  We may have taken a considerable leap of faith into the world of beekeeping, but we have not regretted a single moment of the journey.  


What's in a name?  Well, we named our business after one of us suffered our very first sting.  Where? —in the bottom! So yes, it hurt!


We keep hives in the Orlando and its surrounding areas along with Tallahassee, FL.  Bottom Stung honey is bottled at East End Market located in Audobon Park, Orlando, FL, and you can find us at various events such as Food Truck Wars and East End's Evening Exchange.



When we harvest the honey from our hives, we do not heat or unnaturally alter the honey in any way.  The honey is spun from our frames and then allowed to settle before bottling.  Our award-winning Bottom Stung batches are small and distinctive, bottled by unique location each season. The only blend that we carry is pressed from our wax cappings, which we call Meritage.

To preserve natural tastes, we bottle mainly in glass jars ranging from 9-32oz, and we can sell by the 1-gallon or 5-gallon bucket. We also love to bottle for special events such as weddings, graduations, baby showers, etc.

Guaranteed, Bottom Stung honey is straight from the hive and the location described.  Our honey is delicious and sweet with some health benefits to boot.  We are proud supporter of Fresh From Florida.

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