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Bottom Stung Beekeepers' Tallahasse spring harvest is a must have.  Located in Florida's panhandle the honey from this location has all of the characterists of Tupelo honey.  Light green amber color aroma and flavor and if you did not know Tupelo honey will never crysalize.  Why?  Tupelo honey is higher in Fructose (molecular structor simliar to a pentagon) preventing it from crystalizing like all naturalraw honeys can do.  Bonus!  Due to the high fructose content it is slow to release in the blody so persons that need to watch their sugar intake prefer this to any other sweetner.  Here where it really benifits you.  Our apairies are smaller, meaning our harvests are not large enough for us to officially have the batches tested.  Tupelo honey can run as high as $80 a quart.  Get this savings while you can because once we officially have a large enough crop to test our prices will rise.  Want a bottle?  Get two, rememeber honey never goes bad. 

Tallahassee Spring Harvest

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